Product Launch: Tin HiFi P2 Planar Magnetic IEM


Tin HiFi really made a name for themselves with their T-series of in-ears that have become a staple in the budget market. The more premium P1 also received no shortage of accolades, implementing a planar magnetic driver while keeping the pricing reasonable as the company has become renowned for. The new P2 represents a paradigm shift, being positioned as a midrange IEM with more premium pricing to match.

The driver itself has seen revisions in response, the second-generation PMD promising a balanced tuning and crisp sound output. It sports stainless steel earpieces alongside versatile balanced connectivity with adaptors in the box to suit all sources. Initial impressions suggest a healthy technical improvement over the P1 and a reasonably balanced tuning with 8k peak.

The P2 retails for $369 USD but can be pre-ordered on HiFiGO for $339 USD here.


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