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Product Launch: Topping 70-Stack!

If you’re invested in audio, Topping will surely be no stranger to you. True to their name, the company sits atop measurement charts across the net and their products deliver real-world performance to match. They’re now further expanding their popular line of DACs and AMPs in the form of the 70-stack which sits in the middle of their line-up. The E70 DAC features the 8-channel ESS ES9028PRO DAC chip and a brand new I/V conversion circuit designed to provide lower distortion and lower noise in a more compact form factor. ALongside an updated aesthetic, the E70 measures just 8″ in its longest dimension. The L70 is the matching amplifier in the series and offers the company’s signature house sound based on the same NFC A module as the highly acclaimed A90. It’s a fully balanced design with excellent power output and measurable performance. We’ll be looking forward to early reviews popping up on these!

You can read more about the E70 here and the L70 here.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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