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Product Launch: Topping A50s Balanced Headphone Amplifier!

Topping has been hitting it out of the park with their latest releases that piggybacked on their very impressive NFCA amp modules that enable excellent measurable performance. Most impressively perhaps is that the company has transplanted this technology into their affordable offerings; we recently took a look at the entry-level L30 and found it to be one of the most competitive designs on the market in its price point. What it lacked was balanced output, input flexibility and, to some extent, soundstage expansion.

The new A50s look to address this, the successor to the A50 and, as one would expect, an all-around improvement at the same price point. It brings a higher 143dB SNR as opposed to the A50’s 123dB, and THD of just 0.0007% down from 0.004%. Implementing Topping’s renowned NFCA amp modules as seen on the flagship A90 and more recent L30, the A50s offers 3.5W x2 into a 32-ohm load, leaving plenty of headroom for high-impedance headphones.

In addition, it offers the same 0.1-ohm impedance and < 0.3uVrms noise floor of the L30, promising a black background and linear signature on even the most sensitive low-impedance multi-driver earphones. The A50s is also a balanced design with 4.4mm output in addition to a traditional 1/4″ single-ended output. It doesn’t support XLR in any manifestation, however.

The A50s is shaping up to be another promising offering from the company and will be available soon at $199 USD from Apos Audio. As always, look forward to a full in-depth review on THL soon!



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