Product Launch: Topping D10s DAC


Topping are renowned for their excellent value source devices that all perform well in their respective price brackets. The company backs all of their designs with objective measurements which has made them an audiophile favourite. We’ve reviewed a few of their products on THL and walked away very impressed to say the least.

The D10 was one of the company’s most popular products as their most value-orientated desktop DAC featuring an ES9018K2M DAC chip. Hot on its heels comes the D10s, with updated ES9038Q2M and, in turn, lower noise, distortion and generally better measurements across the board. The D10s also supports OP-AMP rolling with a hot-swappable socket. We’re expecting good things from the latest addition to Topping’s line-up.

The D10s is available for $99 USD on HiFiGO, you can also read more details on their blog post here.


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