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Product Launch: Topping D30 Pro & A30 Pro

Topping has achieved very frequent recommendation recently with their chart-topping source designs and reasonable pricing. Perhaps more impressively, the company demonstrated that they were able to scale their high-end technologies down to their more affordable models without sacrificing much performance.

The D30 Pro and A30 Pro matching DAC/AMP combo continue their winning streak of products. Both carry the design scheme of the 90-series with a rounded faceplate and larger volume dial. The D30 Pro offers a Quad DAC setup with unconventional 4x CS43198 chips promising fantastic SNR. Meanwhile, the A30 Pro uses Topping’s signature NFCA module alongside balanced input like the A90. It offers a whopping 6W of power output alongside a 0.1ohm output impedance.

The A30 Pro (Apos AudioHiFiGO) retails for $349.99 USD while the D30 Pro (Apos AudioHiFiGO) retails for $399.99 USD at launch. Apos Audio is selling the 30-series through their ensemble program offering additional savings. For $759.99, Apos are able to provide both sources alongside a balanced XLR cable, representing almost $70 USD savings overall.



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