Topping have achieved wide renown in just a few years for their competitive pricing and excellent performance both subjective and measured. They are certainly one of the darlings on the famous objective-backed Audio Science Review forum delivering hit after hit. The new L30 linear headphone amplifier is Topping’s latest midrange amplifier design, introduced as a complement to the E30 DAC.

For the meagre asking price, the specifications on offer are very enticing. You can refer to Topping’s info-graphic below. It’s also impressive to see some components filter down from the much more expensive flagship A90 such as the NFCA modules that enable the L30’s high power yet low distortion output in addition to a very low output impedance.

The L30 will be available for $139 USD. Preorders will be available at 7 pm PT on Jul 27th and first orders will ship out on July 31st from Apos Audio and HiFiGO. For a full technical breakdown, please see this review here.