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Product Launch: TRI i3 Pro Planar Hybrid IEM!

TRI is the premium division of KBEAR, a prominent player in the budget Chi-Fi market. TRI is perhaps far better known in the audio community, renowned for their innovative hybrid designs and reasonable pricing. The i3 started the hype, a hybrid IEM featuring a DD + BA + planar magnetic driver setup, all under $200. The reception was good, critics and users were impressed by the technology and TRI’s implementation. The company has returned with the new i3 Pro which seeks to further refine this formula, providing a smoother sound.

It implements an upgraded 10mm dynamic driver, a completely new design with aviation-grade aluminium cavities and the tried and true high-performance BA + planar combo handling mids and highs. The dynamic driver now has a flat diaphragm while the treble has been tuned with a sweeter tonality, targeting a non-fatiguing yet detailed signature. The shell design has been heavily revised, now 26% smaller and reshaped for improved ergonomics all around. It uses a premium 7000-series aluminium milled with a 5-axis CNC process. Finally, an 8-core 5N OFC cable completes a premium experience.

Most impressively, TRI was able to achieve a hefty revision without increasing the price which remains a trusty $169 USD. You can read more about the i3 Pro and treat yourself to a unit on HiFiGO!



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