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Product Launch: TRI Starshine 2BA + 2EST IEM!

TRI Audio have been making a name for themselves with their popular I3 planar IEM and later, their Starlight flagship tribrid. The company have returned to their roots with the new Starshine, their latest midrange offering featuring 2 Knowles BA drivers in addition to 2 Sonion electro-static tweeters filtered down from their esteemed flagship. In addition, the Starshine offers stunning craftsmanship as has been a growing focus for the IEM industry of late.

Unique textured faceplates meet resin bodies, complemented by a hybrid 8-core braided SPC cable. A triple acoustic tube design and 3-way crossover system optimise the time response of the earphone in addition to helping achieve TRI’s desired frequency response. The Starshine is set to offer a transparent and lively sound with a punchy bass response.

The Starshine is launching with a pre-order discount at $449 USD and will be available for $499 following this period. You can read all about TRI’s latest model and treat yourself to a unit on HiFiGO!



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