Product Launch: xDuoo MT-601 and MT-602 Class-A Headphone Amps


Following how on the heals of the new TA-10R, xDuoo are proud to announce the MT-601 and MT-602 are now available on Apos Audio. These are budget Class-A headphone amplifiers coming in at just $89.99 and $99.99 USD respectively.

The MT-601 featuring one 6N11 tube producing 200mW (32ohms) of power while the MT-602 featuring 2 tubes outputting 1300mW (32ohms) of power. Both also have preamp functionality via their rear-facing RCA outputs and offer hot-swappable tube sockets that enable the user to tune the amp to their tastes.

The MT-601 and MT-602 are both available on Apos Audio, please see our affiliate links for the latest deals and pricing!


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