QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs Review

Design –


The QuietOn’s have quite an unassuming design with a simple exterior that deceptively hides the complex electronic wizardry within. They are predominately plastic but feel mostly solid and well assembled with no comfort compromising forming errors or seams. Their design isn’t flashy or gaudy, rather they are the embodiment of function over form. Their white colour scheme also ensures that oil and scratches are mostly invisible on the earplug’ gloss plastic surface though their small dimensions enable them to be easily plucked from the ear. Their gloss finish also minimises noise when rubbing against a surface. For instance, my matte finished earphones are practically unusable for sleeping since they produce a loud noise when rubbing against my pillow, the QuietOn’s have no such issue.


On the outer face is the QuietOn logo with two gold plates that contact with prongs on the carry case to power on/off the earplugs and charge their internal cells. The inner face is very smoothed off for ergonomics and the orientation of the earplugs is denoted in large and easily legible text. The nozzle is short and slim with a fluted front that helps to hold on ear tips. The stem isn’t long but the earplugs achieve a moderate fit depth through their small dimensions, enabling greater passive noise isolation. While I would personally prefer a slightly longer nozzle, their shallower fit produces higher long term comfort and essentially guarantees a flush fitment for use when sleeping.


In terms of comfort, the QuietOn’s are quite exemplary, their small housings enabling minimal ear contact. I had no issue wearing the earplugs for hours at a time with either the stock Comply foam tips, Spinfits or Sony Hybrids. They are also a slim device with a very low profile fit. As a result, the QuietOn’s work perfectly for running and sleeping with minimal wind noise and abrasion on the ear when lying on the side.


They are also quite stable due to their light weight, during the aforementioned uses, I was never required to adjust the earplugs. Overall, I am pleased with the design of the earplugs, they are ergonomic and practical and their design doesn’t draw too much attention. Considering their asking price, I would like to have seen a nicer housing material like aluminium since denser materials provide better noise isolating properties, but the QuietOn’s provide a comfortable and stable fit that few will have issue with, just be sure to replace those stock silicone tips.


Usage –


The earplugs are as simple to use as one would expect, I’m especially fond of their case which doubles as a charging dock and controls. As soon as the case is opened, the earplugs turn on, QuietOn have also built in an audio prompt to ensure that the earplugs are functioning and have sufficient charge. This is activated by placing a finger over the sound tube which causes the earplug to emit a high-frequency chime similar to a hearing aid. I noticed a little whine when inserting the earphones but never did the prompt unintentionally go off during wear. After use, simply placing the earplugs back into the case and powers them off to conserve charge.


Unfortunately, the case itself doesn’t contain any kind of charging mechanism to keep the QuietOn’s topped up, instead, users are required to charge the earbuds through the case using a micro-usb cable. Two blue LEDs illuminate to denote that the earplugs are charging, one for each earpiece, the LEDs shut off once charging is complete. It’s a very simple and user-friendly design, the earplugs themselves also possess exceptional battery life so I’m not overly concerned the lack of case charging.

If you were hoping for some additional features beyond basic noise blocking, you will be disappointed to hear that the QuietOn’s are unable to reproduce music or differing noises like the Hush earplugs nor are they able to pair with a smart device for any kind of customization. But in return, they offer vastly improved battery life over competing models, rated at an astonishing 50 hours, that’s over 6 times that offered by the Hush earplugs and easily enough for a business week worth of use. In my testing, they achieved just over 48hrs of constant use, matching QuietOn’s claims. While they will inevitably require a charge, the earplugs have great longevity that should never feel strained even during the longest of plane trips.

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Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

Avid writer, passionate photographer and sleep-deprived medical student, Ryan has an ongoing desire to bring quality products to the regular reader.


4 Responses

  1. These QuietOn earplugs are AMAZING! I live in a city apartment where the walls are very thin and I can hear all conversations from neighbors clearly (but slightly muffled, sort of like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons). I can also hear cars and trucks outside all day, but at night I put these on and I hear ABSOLUTELY nothing and sleep like a baby! It’s honestly the best money I have ever spent, you can’t put a price on good sleep! They fit perfectly in my ear also, so they don’t bother me while I’m sleeping, I can barely feel them in my ear.

  2. Hey Eric, I think that’s actually one of the best uses for these earplugs over something like the Bose QC20 or even a regular earplug. They might jostle out using the silicone tips but they are stable with the foam tips. They are low profile enough to be worn under a helmet.

  3. Hello Ryan,

    Clear review, thanx. One question: would you consider using the quiteon noise-canceling buds for motorcycle use, wearing a helmet?

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