QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs Review

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QuietOn’s snazzy earplugs don’t quite suck the noise out of the room like the Bose headsets but the combination of strong passive noise isolation and moderate active cancellation produces some great results. Moreover, they effectively block noise without the sense of pressure exerted by the more aggressive ANC solutions I’ve come across, creating a more comfortable environment. Combined with their exemplary battery life and hyper-portable case, the QuietOn’s make for effective noise relief wherever and whenever. If you are comfortable with their steep entry price, after all, they are quite a feat of miniaturisation, the QuietOn’s conveniently combine active and passive noise attenuation to produce a much more comfortable if not perfectly silent environment.

Verdict – 7/10, What’s most impressive about the QuietOn earplugs to me is that they feel like more than just a proof of concept and rather a technology that’s convenient and practical to use in daily life. While the price is honestly too high when considering the inherently limited functionality of an earplug; if you are a frequent traveller, they do offer class leading battery life and a great combination of portability, convenience and functionality.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

Avid writer, passionate photographer and sleep-deprived medical student, Ryan has an ongoing desire to bring quality products to the regular reader.


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  1. These QuietOn earplugs are AMAZING! I live in a city apartment where the walls are very thin and I can hear all conversations from neighbors clearly (but slightly muffled, sort of like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons). I can also hear cars and trucks outside all day, but at night I put these on and I hear ABSOLUTELY nothing and sleep like a baby! It’s honestly the best money I have ever spent, you can’t put a price on good sleep! They fit perfectly in my ear also, so they don’t bother me while I’m sleeping, I can barely feel them in my ear.

  2. Hey Eric, I think that’s actually one of the best uses for these earplugs over something like the Bose QC20 or even a regular earplug. They might jostle out using the silicone tips but they are stable with the foam tips. They are low profile enough to be worn under a helmet.

  3. Hello Ryan,

    Clear review, thanx. One question: would you consider using the quiteon noise-canceling buds for motorcycle use, wearing a helmet?

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