Review: ddHiFi Nyx Pro

Closing thoughts 

In Nyx Pro, ddHiFi has signalled its arrival as a serious cable maker. Not only does this new cable usher in a raft of innovations that are shared by some of the industry’s leading cable makers, it also stands on its own as a product that actually delivers better performance, clean aesthetics and excellent ergonomics for reasonable money.

As an accessory maker first and foremost, it goes without saying that the various cases and pouches included in the box are useful not just for the cable, but for anyone with a small collection of IEMs. The CZ180, for example, is enough to carry the cable, a couple of IEMs and a music player, and the fact that you get it as part of the package is a differentiator on its own.

While many will consider Nyx Pro’s modularity as its biggest selling point – and rightly so – I personally resonate more with the design aesthetic and actual performance of the cable. Yes, Nyx Pin/Versa is, for me, the new de-facto standard for IEM connector modularity, and I’d like to see more cables offering Nyx Pro’s mini-XLR plug termination too. 

That I find Nyx Pro’s performance more suited to some of my IEMs, especially my daily-driver X4, than other far more storied and expensive cables, tells you all you need to know about my opinion of it. Sure, it’s not going to work for everyone, even those with the same IEMs I pair it with, but if you have similar sound preferences and a similar music library, I can’t recommend ddHiFi’s Nyx Pro highly enough.

You can purchase Nyx Pro directly from Linsoul or ddHiFi’s AliExpress Store and other leading online retailers.    



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