Review: Lavricables Grand IEM Cable

Closing thoughts 

The Lavricables Grand IEM cable is not what I thought a silver IEM cable could sound like, and I’m very glad it doesn’t. It’s a cable that stays true to the IEM I paired it with, adding refinement, a bigger presentation, and a hint of luxurious lushness while doing so. 

Unlike most other silver cables I’ve used before, it tends not to etch the sound in an effort to extract more detail, but rather lets the detail that’s already there be presented in a smoother, more silky fashion.

In some ways, this cable is like a luxury valet for your car. You’re still getting the same car, only it looks, feels and smells slightly better. Some rough edges you may not have noticed have been smoothed off, and it’s just a more satisfying experience overall.

Does it do enough to justify a straight upgrade from stock, at least with the IE900? I’d say so, especially if you want more significant-looking, better-feeling, and even more comfortable cable to pair with one of the best IEMs in its class. I’m a big fan of the stock cable, and when that happens I normally don’t ever swap it out (just ask my Z1R), but the Lavricables Grand IEM feels purpose-made, to the point where I’d almost expect it to be offered as an option by Sennheiser. 

The harder question to answer is if it’s comparable a premium alternative. This really comes down to your own preferences and pocket. If you want to keep the sound of the IE900 as-is, giving it a notable upgrade without changing it completely, and don’t think that spending more than the price of the IEM itself on an aftermarket cable is rational, then yes, it is ‘better’. 

Either way, it’s probably the best aftermarket option I’ve seen for one of my all-time favourite IEMs, and that’s good enough for me to give it my highest possible recommendation.    



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