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RHA MA750 / MA750i Review

Reviewed December 2014

Details: Flagship in-ear from Scotland-based RHA
MSRP: $119.95 (manufacturer’s page) ; $129.95 for MA750i w/mic & 3-button remote (manufacturer’s page)
Current Price: $120 from for MA750; $130 from for MA750i
Specs: Driver: Dynamic | Imp: 16Ω | Sens: 100 dB | Freq: 16-22k Hz | Cable: 4.4′ I-plug
Nozzle Size: 4.5mm | Preferred tips: Stock single-flanges
Wear Style: Over-the-ear

Accessories (5/5) – Single-flange (6 pairs in 3 sizes) and double-flange (2 sizes) silicone tips, foam tips (2 pairs), shirt clip, stainless steel eartip caddy, and zippered leather carrying case
Build Quality (5/5) – As with RHA’s lower-end models, the construction is impeccable. The MA750 boasts machined stainless steel housings, metal nozzle filters, and thick, rubbery cables. At the earphone end there is a molded “earhook” section about 4” long. It’s not memory wire, but it’s a lot more comfortable than the earhooks I’ve come across in the past. The cable is thick and tangle-resistant, and all of the hardware is metal, including the 3.5mm I-plug with a long “spring” strain relief. The 3-year warranty is very impressive as well
Isolation (3.5/5) – The housings are narrow at the front, allowing a good insertion depth and good isolation
Microphonics (4.5/5) – The cable carries some noise but microphonics are generally not a problem due to mandatory over-the-ear fitment and the fact that the cord is thick and heavy, and doesn’t move around much
Comfort (4/5) – The earphone housings have a familiar flared shape a-la Dunu Trident and RHA’s lower-end models. The earpieces of the MA750 made of stainless steel, though, so they are a little heavier. The small diameter at the front nonetheless affords a surprisingly comfortable fit considering the weight

Sound (8.9/10) – The previous RHA earphones I’ve tried left me impressed with their bass power and clarity, but the new MA750 is a strong performer all around. Its signature is predicated on enhanced bass, but less so compared to the lower-end models. It has a strong emphasis on sub-bass, and a little less on mid-bass. The bass quantity is not at what I would consider “basshead” level – deep bass presence is good with the MA750 but there’s not too much mid-bass punch compared to some of its competitors. On the other hand it is a lot bassier than the HiFiMan RE-400, which sounds more controlled but appears deficient in subbass in comparison the RHA unit.

The MA750 is warm in tone, but not overly so. It has decent enough treble presence to balance out the bass, though it is certainly is not a neutral earphone. The midrange is rich and full-bodied, with very decent clarity considering the sound signature. Clarity is better than with many other stereotypically “warm” earphones, such as the Sony MH1C and Dunu Trident. The RE-400, on the other hand, is more mid-centric, but still sounds more neutral and is a little clearer through its midrange. The pricier Dunu DN-1000 hybrid, too, is clearer, making the MA750 sound veiled comparison.

The upper midrange of the MA750 is energetic but emphasis diminishes before getting into the regions that typically cause harshness and sibilance. The MA750 is brighter overall compared to the Sony MH1C and Dunu Trident and has a slight tendency to sound “tizzy”, especially at high volumes, thanks to the lower treble emphasis. It isn’t bothersome, however, and I definitely would not call the treble energy excessive. On the other end of the spectrum, the Dunu DN-1000 has treble that is brighter and more revealing of artifacts, making the MA750 sound quite smooth in comparison.

Presentation-wise, the MA750 performs well for the price. Its soundstage is larger than those of the MH1C and Trident, and separation is better as well. The Trident especially sounds more in-the-head and congested in comparison. Aside from the enhanced bass having the ability to throw a slight veil over minute details and take away from its imaging ability, there is not much to complain about with the MA750 here.

Select Comparisons

RHA MA350 ($40)

RHA’s $40 MA350 is one of my favorite budget-friendly sets for enhanced bass, but while the flagship model does command a healthy price premium, it also offers up a significantly more refined sound. The MA350 has strong, domineering bass, but the MA750 manages to sound rich and full-bodied while maintaining lower overall bass quantity and better bass control. It’s more balanced, as well as smoother and more refined. The treble of the MA350 is a little grainy in comparison, and more prone to harshness. The MA750 sounds more natural and enjoys a larger presentation with better depth and separation, making the MA350 appear congested in comparison.

Onkyo IE-HF300 ($129)

The IE-HF300 couldn’t be more different from the RHA MA750 in design, but sonically both earphones tend towards a warm, enhanced-bass sound. The RHA unit boasts bass that is both more extended and more powerful overall. The HF300, meanwhile, has less bass quantity with a focus on mid-bass. This results in mids that are a little more veiled compared to the MA750. The MA750 sounds clearer and more crisp, though it is a little more laid-back at the top end compared to the Onkyos. Both earphones boast above-average soundstages, with the HF300 being a little more open-sounding.

RBH EP1 ($149)

Yet another enhanced-bass, consumer-friendly earphone in the sub-$150 range, the EP1 nonetheless offers a sizable contrast to the MA750. Both earphones have a strong emphasis on bass but the MA750 is a little more powerful here, which gives it a warmer and more full-bodied sound. The RBH earphones place more emphasis on the midrange and sound a little clearer as a result. The MA750, on the other hand, has a thicker midrange presentation and a smoother and more forgiving sound. The RHA also boasts a slightly wider presentation and tonal character that, to me, is more natural overall.

VSonic GR07 Bass Edition ($179)

This earphone’s “Bass Edition” moniker is only true insofar as it is more bass-heavy than the regular GR07. Next to the MA750, however, the GR07BE sounds rather balanced. The RHA unit has more bass and a warmer tonal character while the GR07 is closer to neutral. The bass of the MA750 is boomier and results in more veiling of the midrange. The GR07BE lacks some of the full-bodied character of the RHA, but remains clearer, especially in the midrange. Up top, the MA750 is a little smoother where it counts while the GR07 is more sibilance-prone.

THL Recommended Badge 2014Value (9/10) – The RHA MA750 has a lot going for it – a warm and lush sound, spacious presentation, and good bass presence. No less important is the construction quality, which features stainless steel housings and thick cabling. The earphones are comfortable, too, thanks in large part to the over-the-ear fit and molded earhooks, and isolate surprisingly well. Most impressively, the MA750 is not at all exorbitantly-priced – it’s extremely comfortable just north of $100. Early last year I found myself impressed with the entry-level MA350 and hoped to see more great things from RHA, and this year starts off with another hit from the Scottish manufacturer.

Pros: Extremely solid build quality; 3 year warranty; warm sound with excellent bass presence
Cons: Housings a bit on the heavy side



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Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. He spends much of his time listening to music and occasionally writes portable audio reviews across several enthusiast sites, focusing mostly on in-ear earphones.


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  1. And what about the T20? How do the Yamaha EPH-100 compare to the T20? Which one is closer to the sound signature of the Aurvana Live!.

  2. I’m not familiar with the XB90EX, sadly. Under $150, the only set that might be worth trying is the Yamaha EPH-100. Reason being, it does have a little more bass impact (esp. sub-bass slam) than the MA750 without sacrificing overall sound quality. It’s not hugely more bassy, but those in-ears I’ve tried in that price range that have even more bass don’t sound all that good overall.

  3. Well, I would rather not spend over £200 on an IEM if I can avoid it. Salories aren’t exactly high where I live which is why I’m researching cheaper alternatives.
    I’m basically looking for nice bump in the 40 to 80-90 Hz range.

    What strikes me as interesing is that the Momentum In-Ear’s graph on InnerFidelity looks decently promising, however joker said that MA750 were bassier, which I suppose is subjective to some extent, but if the MA750 is indeed bassier, and I find it somewhat bass-light at times (depending on the track), than the Momentum’s are completely out of the question.

    I’ve reading a lot of praise about the XB90Ex being able to deliver orgasms through the ears so I might decide to try them…

    Blind decisions. It’s so hard and with so many models it’s quite overwhelming.

  4. Hi there, the bass filter is decent on the RHA T20 and definitely gives more bass than the M750. It’s got a hefty dose of quality (but occasionally boomy) sub bass. It’s more sub bass than mid bass which is still decent enough but def takes back seat to sub.

    Strangely enough the T20 with bass filter does sound quite like the CAL! when i compare the two together… the T20 obviously out performing it in quality though, which you’d expect given price difference and quality. T20 has better sub bass impact though and bass control. Both have great level of detail and both mids and treble sit very similar in the mix.

    It’s really whether you want to spend close to £200 for an IEM. I’ve returned both the Dunu DN 2000 and MEE Pinnacle 1 both which cost over £200 and even though they were stunning quality, as an upgrade they didn’t do enough for me when compared to my cheaper Dunu Dn 1000s (£120).

    The difference between the M750 and T20 (to my ears) is the T20 goes slightly lower with bass filter and DEFINITELY is clearer in the mids and highs, much better resolution all over. The mids aren’t veiled and they sit a bit more forward in the mix. They are less coloured than the M750 also. The only thing the M750 does better is in soundstage. width and especially depth. The 750s sound huge and holographic. Probably helped with their V shape, the T20 is a bit more balanced (but with sub woofer esque bass). Hope this helps.

    I am probably going to return the T20s though, they’re still not the sound I’m after but they are stunning quality and may be the sound you are after. I’m goin to try the Yamaha EPH 100s, maybe you should read the review on here for them?

  5. Hello.

    A while ago I purchased the here reviewed MA750’s. I like almost everything about them except the bass. I mean, what is there is good but I need more of it. I find their bass to range from OK to quite bass-light.

    As far as I know you have experience with both Creative Aurvana Live! models (you have owned the originals and have reviewed the newer version). Is there any earphone that you can recommend that will have a similar sound signature at an affordable price, let’s say sub-150$ (of course cheaper would be better).
    I just find the CAL!’s to have a good balance between sub- and mid-bass with a good punch while maintaining a nice soft sound.

    I do also have the Brainwavz M3 which I find decent in the bass department but they lack a bit of highs and clarity.

    The RHA T20 do look (on paper) like they would provide some more bass like the one I need but I would need someone to confirm this and you seem like the right person.
    The T20 is significantly above my budget but if it really would be what I’m looking for, I guess I could start saving. 🙂
    However, I still hope there are cheaper alternatives. 🙂

  6. UE900 a little too flat in the bass region if you want to maintain VSD3S levels of bass. IE80 is good, maybe a little too bassy. Soundstage is good on IE80, definitely not inferior to MA750. DUNU Titan 1 *might* be a reasonable sub-$150 option. It has a very different sound tuning from the VSD3S but it keeps up very well in the areas you want (bass quality/quantity, soundstaging, clarity) and has a brighter but less sibilant ( and much less mid-recessed) sound. The fit is very different from VSonics IEMs also. It’s definitely more of a gamble vs something like the SM64, but you can find them for around $100 and that’s a very hard price to beat assuming you end up liking the sound.

  7. Have considered the ue900, but the issues with the cable seem like too big of a risk, have considered the oriveti primacy and the ie 80 as well, but the latter doesn’t seem like a better value than the ma750 and the prior I’m not too confident about the soundstage.

  8. Is there, by any chance a pair of iems that comes to mind as far as an upgrade to the vsd3s with smoother treble (the sibilance really gets me), better mids, and a larger soundstage, bass quantity is preferred to be around the vsd3s give or take. I was looking at the sm64, which seem perfect but, unfortunately, I will most likely be using these iems without an amp most of the time. I was looking to not spend more than 350, and of course value is important, so if I can get a better value at < 150 I'd rather go with that.

  9. No experience with the Nuforce HEM earphones, only saw them a few days ago for the first time.

    MA750 has more of a consumer-friendly sound than the VSD3. VSD3 is clearer, brighter, arguably more balanced overall. The MA750 is bassier and the mids can end up a little less attention-grabbing compared to the VSD3. Don’t think the MA750 has much of an advantage in soundstage, either.

  10. Do you mind me asking a few words of comparison between the ma750 and the vsd3s in regards to overall clarity, mids, and sound stage? I was looking for a potential upgrade that would have smoother treble than the vsd3s’s, better mids, and a larger sound stage.
    Also, have you by any chance heard any of the nuforce hem line? as there is a deal on massdrop I was contemplating over a pair of ma750s.

    Thanks a bunch!

  11. I meant to say, you should try Spinfit tips with the M750. The deeper fit helps bring out bit more clarity in the MIDS more than any other tips i used. It’s a huge difference. It also gives the BASS bit more resolution and takes away a little of the boom without sacrificing depth. They also help bring out bit more punch in MID BASS.

    It’s funny, I used the Spinfits originally on my Titan 1 and hated them as they made them more bright and shrieky and I felt bass suffered. But I’ve since used them with my Dunu Dn 1000s which took away a bit of sibilance. On my Xiaomi Pistons 3 they are a joy to listen to, nice and clear with that punchy bass they are great at.

  12. Hi, I’m in a similar boat to you. I’ve always had the dunu dn 1000 as my everyday IEM, but I got the RHA M750 used at a very good price, cos box was damaged. I love their BIG sound and the richness of the mids and tamed treble. I’m now looking for similar sound but with a higher resolution in the mids, more of an upgrade sound.

    I paid £145 for the Aurisonic Rocket and hated them. They are nothing like the M750s, they are VERY bright. Bass wise the M750s is maybe a tad bigger but boomier (which i like), the Rocket’s bass is more realistic with better resolution still their main selling point. The mids are definitely clearer than the M750s but quite thin and mids/highs still take second fiddle to the bass and they sound very detached to the bass. It’s a unique signature. Very marmite. Getting a fit is so hard, they are easily the most uncomfortable IEMs I’ve worn. The cable is quite tight and hard to bend. the housing also sticks out, photos make it look more settled than they are.

    I’m going to try the RHA T20, I’ll see how they compare.

  13. You’d really need to ask someone who is using an X5 with those particular headphones – no other way to get a good indication of how well it pairs with each. Usually people ask these sorts of things in either the DAP’s or the headphone’s thread on Head-Fi, whichever is more active. I haven’t used the X5 enough (don’t own one) to be able to say anything about these pairings.

  14. Yes it’s not source sensitive, but i can hear the difference when i play with LG g3 and xduoo x3. I like ma750 sounds characteristic, i want to make the bass not that boomy, treble at high it not harsh (sometimes), can i achieve it with x5? i prefer to not using equalizer.

    btw i have bayer dtx 501p and sr80i too. do you think x5 will show these full potential? Sorry to ask these headphones in these pages.

  15. I’m not too familiar with the performance of those DAPs but the MA750 is not particularly source-sensitive. Improvements from changing sources are likely to be pretty small with it compared to something like a super-revealing BA set.

  16. i have rha ma 750. Do you think it’s good to pair it with x5 ? Now i have xduoo x3 dap, but i want better sound.

  17. Hmm.. the only R3 alternative I can think of around that price is the Aurisonics Rockets. These are a good upgrade to the R3 and RE-400 sound-wise and also have a much better build and fit. Unfortunately they’ve been getting hard to find ever since Aursonics was bought out by Fender – not sure how good availability in Europe is at the moment.

    Failing that, you could try something very traditional like a Sennheiser IE80 – these are much more of a classic warm-and-smooth sound. Not a huge upgrade from the MA750 because the mids are still a half-step behind the bass, but theyr’re quite rich and full-sounding and quite smooth. I’d recommend giving these a listen first, though – they’re quite different from the R3. You could also try the SE315 if there’s one available to you but I don’t think you’ll like it – it’s on the thin-sounding side and lacks warmth.

  18. I finally got to try the DUNU, the vocals are clearer but they sound thin to me and the tremble is a bit too present. Their sound gets similar to what I’m looking for using an equalizer and raising the 250, 500 and 1k bars while taming the tremble a bit, getting them to sound fattier and warmer (I’m not familiar with sound related terms and I probably misled you with the “forward vocals” thing).
    I also tried the R3 and they were too uncomfortable, but the sound was a better match.
    Unfortunately, the RBH are not available in my country.

    I’m doubling my budget (200€ now). Looking forward for your suggestions! 🙂

    PS I read that the Shures are famous for their lush midrange, could the SE315 be good for what I’m looking for?

  19. It’s tough if you want to maintain bass like the MA750 – one of the reasons the bass comes through nice and strong on these is that it’s pushed forward compared to the midrange.

    Your first option is to try and maintain the bass level pretty high. The RBH EP1/EP2 (which I compared to the MA750 in the review above) is one set that will do that. I don’t think they’re as good as the MA750 overall as they can be a touch harsh, but they definitely favor the midrange a lot more and still have plenty of bass. The Sony MH1C (or SBH80 in Bluetooth form) is another one that fits in this category. Ignore the low price, they’re definitely not a step down from the M2.

    Then there are a few IEMs that have more forward mids but also sound loads brighter than the MA750 and especially the M2 – the Ostry KC06, for example, and the DUNU Titan 1. These could be a good choice if you don’t mind a very different tonal character than you’re used to. As an added bonus, they tend to sound quite wide and spacious, and are very clear.

    You could also give up the bass enhancement for a more balanced overall sound. Something like a Brainwavz R3, for example – these have just a bit of added bass impact and much more balanced mids. Still not quite as neutral as something like a HiFiMan RE-400, but a good compromise for getting a touch more bass in there. Compared to the brighter sets above, the R3 is extremely smooth.

  20. Hey Joker
    my Brainwavz M2 recently broke and I bought the MA750 to replace them. I like the wide soundstage and their clarity and I love the bass, but the vocals are way too recessed for my taste so I’m thinking about returning them.
    I know that the Yamaha EPH-100 would be better in this regard, but my ears are quite small so I don’t know if they would fit comfortably. Is there any other alternative in the same price range that maintains the qualities I like about the RHA (at least to some extent) while having much more forward vocals?

  21. Thanks! I’ll probably get the MA750, but is there anything else you can recommend that is mid centric but with a little more bass?

  22. Both the MA750 and eq-5 are smoother than the FXT90. However, the eq-5 gives up a big chunk of bass. The mids are great but overall it’s a pretty extreme change from the FXt90 signature. I would say the MA750 is the safe choice (being more similar to what you’re used to while improving in key areas) while the e-Q5 is more of an “I just want something different” option.

  23. Hi Joker,
    I am torn between buying the MA750 and the Ortofon EQ5 (very different, I know). I own the JVC FXT 90 which I like but is too bright for my taste and I’m a bit treble sensitive, so the MA750 appeals to me as being similar but with less treble. I listen to almost exclusively rock and I love good mids which brought the ortofons to my attention. I like warm sweet vocals and mid range guitar. I like to feel some bass, but not bass head level (I think the FXT has a good amount).

    Any other recommendations are welcome, thanks!

  24. Honestly that’s the best way to use my reviews as the comparisons are probably the least subjective and most straightforward part. And I try to do as many relevant ones as I can.

    Glad you were able to get a feel for the MA750!

  25. Thanks!
    Since posting this one I realised that you reviewed the Titan 1 with reference to 750 and gr07 … gave enough info to wait …. the A71 are likely pretty similar….
    Thanks again for all your excellent reviews!

  26. Yeah, balanced to bright does not describe the MA750. Compared to the Titan 1 and GR07 classic the bass on them is definitely more enhanced and a little bloated. Not sure about the A71 but if you get them they’ll definitely become your bassy/fun set over the VSonics/DUNUs.

  27. Hi Joker
    Could I ask you re these MA750s …. I prefer balanced to bright sound, my favourites are Brainwavz B2, Ety HF5. My ‘fun-listening’ (bassy) IEMs are Titan 1 and GR07classic …. Fidue A71 I have but they sound bloated to me… (saying that, if I want heavy bass I sometimes come back to them).
    I have the chance to pick up the 750s for half price … to maybe upgrade my ‘bass’ IEM Fidue 71 ….. Do you know how these compare to the 71? Will I find the 750 too bloaty too?

    Jazz, acustic, female voice, classic are 90% of my music….

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

  28. That’s awesome to hear, very glad all the research you did for your IEM purchase has paid off!

  29. No worries ljokerl. I picked them up today. I haven’t been able to take them out of my ears. These IEMs are amazing. Very similar to the K612. Ears didn’t need to adjust to the sound signature at all. RHA will have my business for years to come. Thank you for doing such an awesome job on the review for these. found them thanks to you man. Have a good life and happy listening XD.

  30. Sorry, I don’t have a K612 so I can’t really say how the MA750 compares. It is a really good starting point for higher-end IEMs in my opinion, though – the sound, the design, the build – one of its strongest assets is that it doesn’t really have any weaknesses. Plus, the tuning is quite versatile and while it may not be the ideal IEM for everyone, it’ll be positively received by the vast majority of critical listeners.

  31. Hello LJOKERL I am in the market for some new iems. I just finished reading through your massive multi-iem review list. The RHA MA750. definitely caught my eye. I’m not sure if I will like the sound signature. I am going to try them regardless. but i’d thought i’d voice my question just in case. I am new to the audiophile world. I currently own the Philips SHE8000, so this will be a massive upgrade. but besides them My over ear drivers are the AKG K612 and i absolutely adore the sound I get from them. so will The RHA MA750 somewhat resemble the K612 or will this be a whole different ball park. I listen to everything from Heavy Metal to electronica. but one of the main features that really appeals to me about the MA750 without hearing them is the build quality. especially after reading about many qc issues with other appealing iems that you reviewed. Any Advice? thanks.

  32. I haven’t come across anything that would make for a nice addition specifically to the “warm and smooth” category except at much higher price points, so you might have to bite the bullet and get something more in the “v-shaped” category. This will get you the closest to the performance tier of the Yamaha and RHA – for instance a JVC FXT90 or Alpha & Delta AD01, both of which ship internationally (the former from ebay and the latter from lendmeurears).

  33. Hi ljokerl!
    Im obviously read your updated Buyer’s Guide and i’m aware of the fact the these pair are still the most recomended in their price range for warm and smooth sound .
    But unfortunately both the MA750 and their long time nemesis eph-100 are kind of hard to get around here.
    Considering the fact these two don’t get any younger, are there any alternatives threatening their throne in this price range? And perhaps from a worldwide shipping store (lendmeurears, mp4nation etc.)?
    Thakn’s, I’m a big fan of your work!

  34. The MA750 is a great IEM with a very versatile sound signature – it’s relatively balanced, but also a little warm in tone and slightly v-shaped in frequency response.

    As for it being a great improvement over the GR02, I’m not so sure. It ticks your clarity requirement and has slightly better quality bass than the GR02. However, If you’re looking for more quantity the RHA is not really a step up – it’s still a relatively balanced IEM. The Spark was certainly more impactful. To get the really deep bass in there you want the MA750’s natural competitor – the Yamaha EPH-100. But that has a different form factor and no remote, so it might not be a viable option.

    The middle button on the MA750i’s remote will work on modern Android phones.

  35. Hi Joker,
    I would like to upgrade my IEMs and was thinking about these. Currently I use VSonic GR02 Bass of which I’m pretty satisfied but I would like more clarity and maybe a little bit of better bass.
    In the past I owned Id America Spark which for me sounded better that GR02 and also Wooduo2 which I didn’t like.

    Could you tell me if MA750i would be a great improvement over GR02 ? Are they worth the money ?
    I mostly listen to music like AVICII, HansZimmer, Tiesto and sometime Rap.
    Do MA750i work on Android (I mean mic + start/stop button)?

    Thanks ,

  36. The IM02 is about as far as you can get from the MA750’s sound tuning. Much more focus on the midrange, pretty much no bass enhancement, and smoother upper mids and treble. I guess from what you’ve tried it’s most similar to the E30, but with an even more balanced sound signature, superior detailing, etc. Should be a good one if you’re paying less than $250 or so for it.

  37. The seller was able to process a return. I’d still like to use the money from the gift return to upgrade my current set. Switching over to the balanced section of your 2015 holiday guide, do you think the Audio-Technica ATH-IM02 is more in line with what I’ve enjoyed in the past? If not is there another headphone besides the GR07 that’d you recommend I try?

  38. I can’t be sure what you’re hearing so it’s a little hard to say, but the IEMs you’ve had have all been thinner-sounding sets with brighter highs. That means it is possible that the warmer MA750 just sounds off to you and there’s nothing wrong with the unit. That might improve as you get used to the sound signature, but if you have the ability to return it and try something else that seems like the safe route at this point.

  39. First off-thank you for everything you do!

    I just received a pair of RHA750’s for the holiday, and my first impression is far from great– they just sound, well, weird to me. I’m not sure if it’s just not the right sound signature for me or if I happened to get a wonky pair. The sound seems a little muddy to me, and I don’t really perceive much of a soundstage. I don’t think it’s the seal–it took a bit of experimenting with the earpieces but I think I have a good seal now with the large silicone tips.

    In the past I’ve had a SoundMagic E30, a VSonic GR06 (my favorite set), and currently a Sony MDR-V6. I’ve had reliability issues with VSonic though, which is why I haven’t tried the GR07.

    Do you think I should try to do a warranty swap or just try a different model?

  40. Generally an upgrade but with your requirements more of a sidegrade. Resolution and clarity (in the midrange and treble especially) are better, soundstage and bass impact not so much.

  41. Only the T20 fits your requirement of the potential for more powerful bass compared to the MA750 + a v-shaped overall sound. The DN-2000 has deep bass but it lacks mid-bass impact compared to the MA750/T10/T20 while the UM PRO 30 is a different type of sound entirely – more on the warm and smooth side, and with more intimate mids.

  42. I want to upgrade my rha ma750.I have fiio x5 + e12a.Im looking for bassier iems.Im loving rha s v shape sound.I listen mostly edm,hip hop,rock sometimes metal music. Clarity, resolution and bass upgrade ım looking for.I found some good iems ;
    Westone um pro 30
    Rha t20
    Dunu dn2000
    Which one is good for me ?

  43. Awesome, glad the MA750s turned out to be an improvement! Haven’t tried the XBA-H1 myself but I’ve disagreed with a few Wirecutter recommendations in the past.

  44. Thank you for your review. I bought the Sony XBA-H1 after reading the wire cutter review. The sound was one dimensional and boring. Just got these and I love them. I have also owned the GR-06’s from VSONIC however their build quality is so-so.

  45. So it’s the RHA MA750 then. Let’s hope that by the time I purchase there are still available on Amazon/eBay.
    My current source is a ClipZip. It should be enough? I don’t really need high volumes.

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