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Rose impress again with their delicate tuning and innovative if not perfectly refined form factor. The Masya is a handsome earbud with retro undertones that enhance a loose but comfortable design. They aren’t the most coherent sounding earbud and they do have some quality control issues, but none of them affect the listening experience. And once inserted, the Masya’s provide a really exceptional sound that is quite uncommon from the earbud form factor. Bass lovers and those with smaller ears will want to look more towards the Shozy earbuds but if you’re looking for stunning clarity and awe-inspiring space, the Masya outperforms its asking price.

Verdict – 8.5/10, The Masya sounds brilliant and its tonality is both balanced and refined. Their unorthodox fit can be frustrating and Rose’s questionable quality control is something to consider, however, once equipped with the right cover, these qualms are quickly whisked away by the Masya’s silky midrange and airy treble response that provide a truly unique in-ear experience.

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