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With the 2014 holiday season fast approaching, everyone wants a slice of the $2 billion+ (and growing) headphone market, and while we don’t normally spend much time discussing different retailers here on The Headphone List, we do try to point out great deals when we come across them.

Sennheiser HD600

Sennheiser HD600

I personally would love to see smaller brands brought to more markets worldwide, but great deals on popular cans are good too, which brings me to BuySonic (, a new, members-only “daily deal” site focused on headphones and earphones. BuySonic is a part of Sonic Electronix, a well-known audio distributor that already has great headphone deals every once in a while. This also means purchases carry the manufacturer warranty, which could be an issue with eBay and other discount retailers.

I’ve only been following BuySonic for a week or two, but so far I’ve seen some great prices on the likes of the Audio-Technica M50X (the latest version of our top-rated ATH-M50 model), the ATH-CKX5, a sports earphone that I tried at CES earlier this year and liked quite a bit, and full-size heavy-hitters such as the Sennheiser HD650.

Current deals of note include the lowest price I’ve seen on the Sennheiser HD600, my second favorite full-size headphone after the $899 HiFiMan HE-560.

Unfortunately BuySonic does not ship outside of US and Canada, but forwarding services can likely still maintain the savings for shoppers outside North Ametica.

Registration is free and we feel that the site is worth keeping an eye on for enthusiasts frequent headphone buyers. We’ll keep checking back and report on any great deals on items we’ve reviewed as well.

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