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Shanling ME700 and M8 Flagships Now Available on Apos Audio!

Shanling has come far as a DAP company and are now competing with the very best. The same can now be said for their IEMs who have increased in leaps and strides over the years.

The new ME700 is their highest-end IEM design to date. It features a hybrid driver setup with one gold-plated DD and 4 BAs per side. The internal acoustic chambers are 3D printed in order to optimise phase and frequency response. Furthermore, Shanling bundles the ME700 with a 6N pure silver cable. The ME700 is available on Apos Audio for $559 here.

I’m sure many of our readers are also looking into a new DAP in time for the holiday season! The M8 might just fit the bill – this is Shanling’s latest flagship featuring dual AK44999EQ DAC chips and interchangeable sockets to suit all headphones and up to 840mW of output power into a 32 Ohm load from its balanced out. It offers MQA support and AGLO (android global lossless output) to minimise sound quality degradation whilst retaining a smart user interface. Running the show is the 8-core Snapdragon 430 that promises a fluid experience. A whopping 7000mah battery means despite this, the M8 is rated for 14hrs of playback. The entire chassis is milled from a single block of aluminium to ensure unyielding build quality, aesthetics and optimal shielding. The M8 retails for $1659 USD and is now also available on Apos Audio.



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