Shozy Pola39 review : Worthy of a flagship



9.1 Brilliant

With a lot of details, accurate tonality, precise notes presentation and huge stage size the Pola39 is impressive from every aspect.

  • Sound Quality 9.5
  • Build quality 9
  • Matching with sources 9
  • Feel inside the ear 9
  • Value for money factor 9
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 9.9

 Hailing from Hong Kong, Shozy has been very active and has been releasing products in every price segment. Staring with collaboration with Neo for Neo CP 3 and BG5 in September last year to Pola39 in collaboration with AAW few months ago they have released 8 earphones within a year.

 Since its inception, Pola has been their Flagship, which is now replaced with a revision, Pola39. To be made in limited quantities it improves over the original Pola in every aspect. It is smaller, it looks better and now all the tuning flaws of the Pola has been addressed with the Pola39. It has the exactly same setup inside the Pola39 as the Pola, one dynamic driver with two electrostatic drivers. The only difference being the dynamic driver is now a 10mm unit instead of 13mm unit used in the original.

 Available in both custom and universal versions it is priced at $950 for universal and $1050 for custom version.

 POLA39 Specifications

  • Configuration: 2 x Electrostatic, 1 x 10mm Dynamic driver
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz~100kHz
  • Impedance: 12Ω
  • Sensitivity: 101dB
  • Cable: Null Audio Symphonym 3.5mm

Get one for yourself from here.

P.S. – I will mention the Pola39 as Pola39 or 39 and the 1st gen Pola as Original Pola, original or just Pola.

What you are getting in the box:-

 The Pola39 gives a grand and luxurious unboxing experience. They have given a lot of attention to details.

 The Pola39 comes in a gift box type case one can call it a travel case. It has the same faux leather coating on it. It looks classy. Upon opening the flap Symphonym greets us with “Augmented with SYMPHONYM select cast wire”. There is pouch on the other side which has a Symphonym owner’s privilege card in it. Opening the greetings flap the first thing that catches the eye is the Beautiful looking Null Audio 48″ Symphonym Tiburon UP-OCC Copper Litz 4-wire cable carry case, It is a handcrafted wooden carry case made of African Blackwood. It is nicely polished and finishing is very good. The case only has the cable inside it. What is easy to miss is an informative card tucked inside a netted pouch on the other side which tells us about the Pola39’s tuning and the internals it has.

 Removing the “Mechanics of Sound” paper cover we finally see the earpieces. Under the foam pad (which is holding the earpieces) there is a small paper box which contains an airline adapter, a 6.5mm adapter and 3 pairs foam and silicone tips in 3 different sizes, 6 pairs in total.


 The Pola39 has resin shells. It is not the strongest material in the industry but it lets the manufacturer contour it easily. It is more user friendly than metal or plastic but it does trade the strength of the ear pieces, if dropped on solid floor one might end up with cracks. It doesn’t feel heavy at all. There is a small vent on the side of the shell making way for the dynamic driver to breathe.

 The quality of material used on the Pola39 feel more premium compared to the Original. The mother of pearl back plate gives a more premium look. Drivers are easily visible through the semi transparent shell. The metal nozzle looks and feels strong.


It has been long I have been advocating for better cables with expensive earphones. When you pay a premium amount of an earphone you deserve to get the best possible treatment. Let it be set of tips or carry case, it should be of good quality. And how can one forget the cable, one of the most vital parts of the package. A good cable doesn’t mean it has to sound excellent and look awful. A good stock cable is one which sounds good while looking good. Aesthetic can’t be taken out of the picture. It’s a premium earphone after all, it should look premium.

 To our delight Shozy has never neglected the cable, shipping with good quality cables even with their cheaper earphone. And the Pola39 ships with an elegant looking Symphonym OCC copper cable, one of the most premium stock cables in this price range. It complements the Pola39 and gives it a more premium touch. The cable has premium build quality with elegant looking Y splitter and 3.5mm jack. The cable slider too looks classy. The layer of coating on the cable leaves the cable slightly on the stiffer side. It does not have much memory but it retains some. Only problem with this cable is that, this 4 core cable only has a small stress reliever at the 3.5mm. Another drawback is the comparatively heavy cable splitter.


 The Pola39 shares a lot with the original pola when it comes to build quality. It has similar resin shell with a slightly more ergonomical build quality with a small fin on the inner side of the earpieces to give better traction inside the ear. The biggest difference has to be the size of the shell. Reduction in size of the dynamic driver has helped Shozy and AAW to reduce the size of the resin shell, the difference is not huge when we look at them side by side but can be felt inside the ear. Thanks to the smaller dynamic driver the weight is slightly lower than the Pola and it doesn’t fall out of the ear like the Pola. With the smaller size it is now compatible with smaller ears.

Except all this, the AAW engraving has been taken off the nozzle body of the 39 which can be seen on the Pola. The nozzle length has not changed but the smaller shell size help with a slightly deeper insertion. It still is shallow and picking the tip that fits your ears best can be a critical factor. People do find it hard to get a proper seal with silicone tips. The stock foam tips should be helpful here.

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