Shozy Pola39 review : Worthy of a flagship



9.1 Brilliant

With a lot of details, accurate tonality, precise notes presentation and huge stage size the Pola39 is impressive from every aspect.

  • Sound Quality 9.5
  • Build quality 9
  • Matching with sources 9
  • Feel inside the ear 9
  • Value for money factor 9
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 9.9


 In my early impression I have mentioned that the Pola and Pola39 have a considerably different tuning. Both have exactly same setup inside but the smaller dynamic driver (10mm vs 13mm) of the 39 is better tuned for better rumble and air. The Pola39 now is not V shaped anymore with slightly better sub-bass presence and balanced treble region. Where the original used to sound excited the Pola39 sounds more refined. If the Pola was slightly edgy the 39 is disciplined. The Pola39 has a well balanced sound signature and the tonality and timber is more natural and vivid. It is warm and marginally bright. The best part of the Pola39 is the way it controls the treble notes from getting out of control while maintaining exceptional resolution and details.

 Let’s dive into details.


Making use of dynamic driver the Lower end is full of grunt and life. The Pola39 delivers one of the most enjoyable lower ends in this price range. It has fantastic volume and appropriate speed to let the listener enjoy the music without coming in the way of the mid range,  unlike the HYLA TE-5B which sounds veiled in the lower mid region.

Even when the Pola and Pola39 are made with exactly same principal the Pola39 uses a newer and more evolved dynamic driver. The new 10mm dynamic driver sounds more focused. Lower end extension is very good. As good as Fibae 4 and InEar SD5 while having bigger slam and more rumble, and unlike those BA based earphones the Pola39 moves better amount of air, the slam feels more natural and wholesome. Sub-bass has very good presence with fantastic accuracy and details. The only other IEM as good or slightly better with Sub-bass is the Fibae 4. The mid bass is nicely controlled and is slightly less prominent than the original. Mid bass notes are fuller and meatier with a nice slam. The decay speed is very accurate and precise. The upper bass is nicely controlled with good amount of details.

With BA drivers one has to make some compromises with either quantity or quality but with the Pola39 you get it all. The quality of the bass is fantastic, loaded with a lot of details and texture it delivers satisfying amount of thump too. The quantity is not as much as the HYLA TE-5B (which is a wolly and loose sounding bass head earphone) but is considerably more than BA based earphones. The level of texture the Pola39 has is outstanding, where HYLA can sound slightly smudged the Pola39 maintains better composure and precision with texture.


Unlike most of the hybrid setups the Pola39’s dynamic driver is not limited to the duties of bass only, it handles the mid range too. Thanks to this the transition from upper bass to lower mid range is flaw less. No other IEM with hybrid system has this transition as good as this.

If the bass region was impressive the Pola39’s mid range welcomes with hands wide open. The most impressive bit here is the involving and engaging stage size coupled with plenty of resolving details. With pin point accuracy with instrument placement it delivers an immersive experience. The outstanding sonic abilities of the Pola39 make it stand out of the crowd in this price range. The tonality is very cohesive with accurate and natural timber.

Vocals have fantastic texture and accuracy with them. Notes have pleasing thickness and accurate finishing to them. Both male and female vocals are tonally accurate and equally engaging. Let it be Halsey, Sophia Black, Hozier, Collie Buddz or Bryce Vine all of them sound very accurate. Instruments have exceptional accuracy and clarity to them leaving a lasting impression. Notes are overly sharp or smooth. They are as they should be with very good precision. Notes body are not lean or over agile. Upper mid range is well controlled with no loss in details or energy while delivering class leading amount of details and transparency. The huge stage size powered by exceptional cue placing abilities is another factor which makes the Pola39 a winner. The stage is nicely rounded with fantastic width, height and depth. Even when the stage is huge thanks to even distribution of instruments there is no hollowness or emptiness in the stage. All the instruments have perfect placing with a well layered feeling to them. The technical ability of the Pola39 lets it handle complex and fast paced tracks without breaking a sweat.


There is barely a part in the spectrum where the Pola39 is not good at. Powered by the electrostatic drivers the treble region feels marvelous. The strength of the E-stat shows. Note have high amount of resolving details and exceptional texture which cannot be found with BA based earphones. It doesn’t try to overdo but the delivery is sublime and very engaging. You feel the cymbals crash as vividly as possible. This level of transparency, cleanliness and notes accuracy can be very hard to find in this price.

The transition from upper mid to lower treble region is very good with details and energy. There is not sharpness to worry about. The way it maintains energy till the end of the spectrum is outstanding. Even in this price range earphones like SD5 tend to exhibit shakiness and uneven notes thickness with a bit of graininess the Pola39 maintains composure with even notes thickness. Notes have very good sharpness and energy to them with fuller depth. If the original was a bit more aggressive the Pola39 is more even with equally good clarity and better tonality. Needless to say but the extension feels endless and the energy is maintained till the end.

Layering and separation is exceptional with plenty of air between the instruments. The natural expansion of stage plays a part here too.

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