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Simgot EA500 LM : Warm, full and Calm

Simgot, not a new name but they were a bit less active in the market between 2020 and 2022. Their EN700 pro was very popular back in 2018-29. But it seems like Simgot has woken up. They are on fire lately and have been launching some high quality DD based IEMs in the $30 to $300 range. Last year we saw their EW100, EW200, EA500, EA1000, EA2000 and the E6LM. This year too, they aren’t holding back and EA500LM is their latest IEM. Priced at $90 this is very similar to EA500 but this uses 2nd gen Lithium Magnesium dual magnetic diaphragms and dual cavity design.

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I like this build quality. It’s very sturdy and solid thanks to the alloy metal housing but because of it the ear pieces are a bit on the heavier side. This is not a very ergonomically designed IEM but thanks to the curvy design it doesn’t feel uncomfortable inside the ear. Most of the weight is borne by the nozzle and it can feel slightly fatiguing initially but getting used to don’t take long. It’s not big in size and will fit most ears but the angled nozzle might cause some discomfort for a few of us. I like the layered design, it looks different. Thanks to the shiny finishing EA500 LM looks fantastic but it’s prone to fingerprints and can catch scratches too. We get a pressure releasing vent just aside the nozzle and a passive radiator like opening can be found on the inner side of the shell.


We get a Silver Plated OFC cable with anti-oxidation PVC material on it. It black and golden cores look aesthetically pleasing. It complements the IEM and is very supple and soft to touch. It’s one of the softer cables I have seen with little to no memory issues. The connector jackets are made out of plastic but are small in size and look decent. The golden chin slider looks good. The cable guides are fairly relaxed and do not exert much pressure on the ear. 


There are a handful of possibilities with this IEM but in most cases this is a warm sounding IEM and my first advice is to avoid warm and thick sounding sources. I paired it with the Simgot Dew 4x and the output was a bit too thick resulting into a veiled output. Thicker notes on the LM gained even more width and notes were tangled within each other.

With Hidizs DH80s, we get cleaner output yet it has slight bit of veil at the floor.

Driving this single DD IEM isn’t super easy either. Its 21 ohm resistance doesnt tell the whole truth. I will surely suggest a dongle or decent source for this IEM. Dare to pair it with something weak and this IEM doesn’t like to deliver enough clarity or cleanliness.


Let’s talk about the tuning nozzles. We get 3 filters. The stock brass nozzle is the most balanced one. It’s neither bassy nor v shaped. In fact it’s a bit vocal forward and lacks a bit of bass body while the treble is decent.

The Silver black nozzle is the flatter one with lesser bass weight and sub bass extension. It’s slightly dry too but has better treble extension.

The Silver nozzle with red ring is the bassy one that has a heavy, punchy and full bodied punch to it. It still isn’t the bass-head type but definitely has the rumble and weight behind it. This is the most effortless sounding nozzle of the three but is warmer and thicker across the spectrum. Treble is relaxed with darker upper treble.


This IEM is tuned for a well balanced output and can be bassy with the silver and red ring nozzle. That’s a good thing. It has very good bass body and area of impact. I like its rumble too. It has a layered delivery. Notes do have decent definition and separation. Not the best by a good margin. Decay is a bit on the slower side, giving it a juicy and musical presentation. Dynamics are just about average. It’s not the cleanest but I can’t ask for more can I? Tonality and timber are on the warmer and thicker side.

I have the silver nozzle with red ring and using the DH80s for this review.


Thanks to the tuning nozzles we have different possibilities but this 10mm DD sounds effortless with the silver nozzle with red ring. I didn’t have a lot of expectations, because I was expecting it to be like the EA1000 but the 500LM has the chops!! We get very good sub-bass extension and rumble. The mid bass is fuller with good weight. Area of impact is bigger than average and the weight is evenly spread. We get well layered feeling and air movement. Decay is on the slower side, notes are engaging and on the musical side. Dynamics are decent, it can feel a bit softer with upper bass notes but gets the job done in my opinion.


I like the fact that this IEM is not V shaped like the EA1000. We get a slightly mid forward tuning with very good macro details. Vocals are on the forward side and the instruments are not lacking energy. Unlike the EA1000 we get pleasing, fuller and warmer notes that are not tightly packed. EA500LM like to tame the sharpness and we get smoother and calmer notes. It can barely bite and do not like to attack. Upper mid has decent amount of energy, delivering nice details with no sharpness to worry about.

Vocals too are luscious and full bodied. They have the plenty of poise and are very emotional. Both male and female vocals are juicy and textured with fuller body and warmer tonality. We are treated with a lush, smooth and cohesive timber. There is a small problem though, the contrast of back and foreground instruments is not very good. At times it feels like we are missing the definition and clarity, which is traded for warmth and thicker body.


EA500LM has softer attack, decent energy and average extension. We get acceptable energy till the mid treble as the upper treble is a bit more relaxed and sounds slightly smoother, giving laid-back feeling. There is no excess mid treble emphasis or lower treble dip to give prominence to a particular part of the highs. There are no sharpness or peaks to be worried about. Layering and separation are okay as we do not get enough air between instruments which gives it a more limited and confined feeling.


Stage is nicely rounded. We get very good height and, decent width and okay type Z-axis presence. Most of the vocal and bass notes are placed inside the head while some upper mid and treble instruments are projected out of the head. Imaging is average as we do not have very good resolution or pin pointed placement.


With Simgot LC7:

An IEM is not just about the ear pieces or drivers used. It depends on the cable and source too. I was a bit disappointed with the thicker notes and the stock cable wasn’t helping.

The good thing is, EA500LM responded nicely to the LC7. We get a more developed stage with better air between instruments. Slightly better movement of air can be perceived with bass too. Mid range gets slightly less forward making it more balanced. Vocal texture is improved with slightly better accuracy. LC7 brings in better finishing definition and a bit more sharpness with percussion instruments. Treble is more engaging and the extension gets better.

This is a very good pairing but it still is not in level with the EA1000.


I keep getting asked if one can consider this over the EA1000? The short answer is no. It’s not that clean or clear and lacks the superior definition and transparency of the EA1000. Its layering and separation aren’t that good. Its bass isn’t that deep. This isn’t V shaped like the EA1000 either. What’s similar is their stage size. That’s a surprise but the EA1000 wasn’t great with its expansion.

Pick this beautiful looking IEM if you want warmer and thicker notes. The macro details and macro dynamics are very good thanks to the grander feeling notes. It can be very cohesive and engaging if you like smooth and lush notes across the spectrum. I will suggest the EA500 for those looking for better clarity and definition.



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