Simgot EN700 Bass In-ear Earphone Review

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DSC02068-20The EN700 Bass is a very intriguing looking earphone that instantly reminded me of open-back planar magnetic headphones like the Hifiman HE1000, just shrunken down. And in person, the earphones definitely impress with their design and build, they are certainly far less awkward than online renders would suggest. Ergonomically, the earphones are also quite sound despite their more unorthodox design. In terms of configuration, the earphones are available in black, blue, grey and red, all of which have their own charm. I opted for the burgundy model for visual impact within my photos though in person, they are rather a bright red. While I would prefer a darker red model, the black and grey models will please buyers looking for a more discrete earphone.

DSC02054-14From first impression, the EN700’s impressed me far more than I was expecting, their fully aluminium housings delighting with their cold touch. The earphones are absolutely solid without creak or any obvious points of weakness. The outer faces are stunning with a burgundy fabric peeking out from behind the grey grill outlined in gold accent. A small seam runs around the outer face though the housings are well joined without palpable seam. They are coated in a silky matte finish that feels great in the hand and ear and the nozzles are also well-angled and integrated into the metal housings, preventing cracking and stress as is prevalent with some plastic earphones.

DSC02073-22The EN700 Bass is not a small earphone, but they do manage their size well through their proportions. The EN700 Bass doesn’t contact much of the ear with a very flush inner face and the shorter nozzles produce quite a shallow fit. Despite this, I never struggled to find a good seal and stability was faultless during general commute due to their over-ear design. I still wouldn’t take them for a run, they don’t quite lock into the ear like the Magaosi K3 Pro though they don’t protrude nearly as much from the ear as the TFZ King. In addition to their ergonomic styling, their shallow fit avoids the sense of pressure exerted by deeper fitting earphones, further increasing comfort. I did notice some hot spots forming around the fronts of my ears after extended usage (3-4hrs); they aren’t as faultless as the Oriveti Basics but they aren’t an awkward or uncomfortable earphone either, quite the opposite.

DSC02056-16As a consequence of their shallow fit, the earphones do have rather average noise isolation losing almost a lot of low-end presence when outside of home, even with considerable volume increase. They are fine for commute but struggle on public transport. From online renders, it would appear as if the earphones are semi-open with the outer grills providing some venting to the drivers in addition to a small port on the inner face. Regardless, earphones like the TFZ King and Oriveti Basic are better suited towards travel.

DSC02069-21The EN700 Bass lacks a removable cable like the Magaosi K3 Pro and Oriveti Basic though the included unit is of superb quality. While I can’t comment on the acoustic properties of the cable, ergonomically, it’s rather outstanding. It’s an 8-core cable with a tight braid and smooth texture, the transparent sheathing reveals the OFC copper weaving underneath. The cable is super supple and compliant, easily coiling for storage. Memory is almost non-existent and tangles resistance is very good. In addition, the anodised y-split and straight 3.5mm plug are both of great quality, enhancing the feel of the earphones; I commend Simgot for using such a quality cable rather than opting for a generic unit like so many other manufacturers. The cable on the EN700 Bass makes them much easier to handle than the springy TFZ King and the rubbery K3 Pro and the molded plastic ear guides are far more desirable than memory wire.

DSC02055-15My only qualm is that the cable leaves the earphones horizontally rather than having a slight incline to route over the ear. I suspect this is the main reason why the earphones lack the stability of the Basics and K3 Pro’s and it seems to be a purely aesthetic design decision.

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Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Jack,

    Considering your music tastes, assuming it’s in order of preference, I would probably point you towards the Basics, they have the best bass response of the bunch, they are also the most comfortable and are almost as stable and isolating as the Shures. The Simgots have strange earguides and are more semi-open so they aren’t the best in noisier environments. That being said, the Simgots have the best soundstage and are still perfectly comfortable if that is a main priority. I generally don’t recommend the Shures, especially not the SE315, the SE215 is a good earphone if you want a warm low-end and a super solid fit though I feel that these newer earphones perform at a higher level.


  2. Hi Ryan, great read.
    I usually listen to EDM, rock/metal, little bit of pop, and the odd RnB/hip hop song and a very small amount of classical/piano solos. How do the Oriveti Basic compare to the Simgot EN700 Bass and Shure SE215 (maybe I’ll consider 315 too)? It’s going to be a daily driver for me, and I may possibly hook it up to the PC too for gaming since I get terrible headset hair!

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  4. Thanks for your comments Shaan, I hope you like it. Pretty much scored lower than the K3 Pro due to the non-removable cable and the fit isn’t quite as stable as the K3 Pro. If you are treble sensitive, the EN700 Bass is definitely a safer choice than the K3 Pro and TFZ King, I’m also a fan of the Oriveti Basic if you want more sub-bass and an even more laid-back tone.

  5. Hi Ryan,
    I think I’m gonna buy simgot en700 bass over k3pro for it’s natural tuning (and safer). I am thinking performance wise (details, clarity) they should be on the same ground and en700 bass got one point less than k3 pro because of it’s inferior built and non detachable cables.

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