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Soranik ION Universal Fit Review

Soranik is a Vietnamese in-ear monitor manufacturer established in 2012. They produce monitors in both custom and universal shapes. Soranik should have a strong background considering the built quality of ION monitor; it seems to be inspired by the famous Japanese in-ear monitor manufacturer, Fitear.

Soranik ION has Fitear-type sockets that look cool and impressive. The stock black cable has four conductors which can be considered as an advantage over other stock cables that have three conductors. Also, the memory wire has been removed in order to give a better fit.


The reviewed ION has five balanced armature drivers mounted in a black shell. It also has three acoustic bores (one of them is titanium) and three-way passive crossover system.

ION’s shell is well manufactured and there is no issue regarding the craftsmanship. Some may find the shell a bit too large, but I had no complaint about the fit when the right tip is chosen. Soranik ION comes with Pelican hardcase, three pairs of silicone tips, and a soft carrying case.

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