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Spiral Ear SE6 Nebula Preview

The in-ear monitor maker from Poland, Spiral Ear, is known with its silicone-based monitors. In the past, Spiral Ear  dominated the IEM ranking lists with its legendary SE5 Ref and SE5 Ult monitors. Now, it is time to introduce the new flagship: SE6 Nebula. 

As the name indicates, the new monitor has 6 drivers, just like the previous flagships of the company. 

SE6 Nebula keeps the house sound signature of Spiral Ear, which is an important point I believe. 

Brief Sound Impressions: 

It is possible to describe SE6 Nebula, briefly, as a spacious, very resolving and natural sounding monitor.

The bass is not very prominent, but the preferred amount of the bass in the tuning helps the monitor to maintain a remarkable stage structure. The resolution of the mid-bass is exceptionally good and the sub-bass hits slightly hard but it is never overpowered. The general approach in the bass region leans towards being a bit neutral, rather than romantic or analytic. It is not a bass heavy or shy monitor. 

The midrange is neither recessed nor forward; its position is exactly where it should be pursuant to my preferences (the source ability is important as well). The resolution is top notch with the exceptional harmonic details. I wouldn’t describe the overall midrange tonality as ‘’fully warm’’, but it can be evaluated as a minimally colored sounding monitor with the traces of the Spiral Ear sound signature. The note releasing is neither very thick nor thin; there is a very good balance in order to maintain a bodied sound and create an impressive resolution at the same time.

The treble of SE6 is slightly prominent and a bit thin, but it becomes never edgy, bright or piecing. In my opinion, the right word for the treble presentation should be ‘’alive’’. The overall high frequency resolution is high and it shows its full potential when the monitor is connected to a high-quality source. 

The soundstage is truly remarkable. The space cleanliness around instruments is superb, which results in a top-notch separation and a vivid positioning. Additionally, the monitor has a very good layering ability.

SE6 Nebula is priced at 2999 EUR without VAT, 3689 EUR with VAT. According to the website, it is only in custom shape.

Please see the link below for more information:

Note: The full review will be online in following weeks. Pictures are courtesy of Spiral Ear.



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