Unique Melody MEST mkII : Get one ASAP

INTRODUCTION: There are a lot of Chi-fi brands in the market now and all of them trying get a foot hold in their respective price ranges. Most of these brands raised their heads recently. There are only a few Chi-fi brands which have been in the market for long. Unique Melody has been one of […]

Empire Ears Hero Review : Bass to the forth with details in heart

INTRODUCTION:- I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t heard about the Empire Ears. They make some of the best IEMs one can buy. Few years ago I reviewed their Bravado and it is an IEM I still fee is excellent for a bassy and caller sound signature. They have launched a lot of IEMs […]

InEar StageDiver 5 In-Ear Monitor Earphones review

 One of the well known names in the audiophile world, InEar monitoring has a vast range of audio products under their belt. They have adaptive InEar monitoring systems for musicians and broadcasting purposes, linear hearing protection systems for musicians and lovers of music, selective hearing protection for professional applications and individual communication systems. They use […]

Review – UM Mirage

GETTING STARTED:-  Back in the days, when i started in around 2010, I used to be mesmerized by the brands who had multi driver earphones, Joker used to write reviews of those and I was like man.. They sound like something miraculous, 1964audio V6 and the Unique Melody Miracle had my full attention.  Unique Melody […]

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