EarMen TR-Amp review – Simple and effective

There has been a lot of enthusiasm about audiophile accessories and the USB DAC and amplifier market is booming with a boom of chi-fi dongles and Bluetooth receivers but there are some hardcore brands too. EarMen is one of those brands and they don’t really worry about anything else but sound. Incepted in USA and […]

Playmate with V6 vivid OP-amp – Expanding the horizon.

Burson playmate is a fantastic DAC/Pre amp in its own, it is one of the best sounding DAC/AMP with ESS9038 chip at the center but I still had a couple of basic complains about the imaging and stage. The mid range is like a fairytale with exceptional amount of details and clarity which is helped […]

Avara AV3 earphone review:- One of the best in its price bracket.

 Not many are aware of Avara customs, while talking with some of my fellow audiophile friends I discovered that barely any of them were aware of this brand. Coming out of Indonesia they take pride in being the maker of “The first affordable CIEM in Indonesia”. Their CIEM lineup starts with Avara AV1Lite which is […]

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