CFA Holocene : Tamed and wild

INTRO: Campfire audio, enough for an introduction to the article. This brand needs no introduction. They have been one of the most dominant IEM brands and their Solaris and Andromeda are regarded as some of the best IEMs one can buy in their respective price brackets. After holding back for some time Campfire Audio is […]

Product Launch : Hisenior Febos Fe3U

IEM market is still on the rise, demand for good quality “Value for Money” earphone is growing every day. Chinese brands are leading the way with a lot of new entries into the market. Those who existed are introducing earphone in new price brackets and different target consumers. HiSenior has been making a lot of […]

TFZ Secret Garden 3 review

I don’t think there is a single person who is not aware of TFZ, The Fragrant Zither is a Chinese brand which makes some of the best single dynamic driver IEMs on budget and around $200. They mostly work on dual cavity chambers but for the last two years they have come up with BA […]

Avara AV3 earphone review:- One of the best in its price bracket.

 Not many are aware of Avara customs, while talking with some of my fellow audiophile friends I discovered that barely any of them were aware of this brand. Coming out of Indonesia they take pride in being the maker of “The first affordable CIEM in Indonesia”. Their CIEM lineup starts with Avara AV1Lite which is […]

Review – UM Mirage

GETTING STARTED:-  Back in the days, when i started in around 2010, I used to be mesmerized by the brands who had multi driver earphones, Joker used to write reviews of those and I was like man.. They sound like something miraculous, 1964audio V6 and the Unique Melody Miracle had my full attention.  Unique Melody […]

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