LXear Maze 4 review : Nothing confusing about it

LX-ear, does not sound very familiar to most of us but things are about to change. They are a CIEM brand from Romania who have had a whole array of BA based earphones starting with single BA IEMs such as Jupiter and Moon, maxing out with their 7BA flagship Saturn. We barely are aware of […]

TSMR 4 Pro Review – Love and some more

There are a few Chinese brands that have left a mark in the market lately with their tuning and fantastic value propositions. Tansio Mirai or better known as TSMR has been one of them. TSMR has been very precise and careful with their earphones. The solid build quality has been consistent since their inception. They […]

Brainwavz B400 In-Ear Earphone review

 Everyone is aware of Brainwavz, one of the best value for money brands in the market. They make plenty of fantastic value for money products, let it be pads, Bluetooth earphones or multi BA based earphones. Most of them are well received by both reviewers and consumers.  Last time reviewed their B200 dual BA based […]

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