Shozy Elsa : Looks good, Sounds Complete

INTRO: Shozy is not a new brand, they have been making some of the best IEMs in various price ranges. They won me over with their Pola and Pola39 but the Form 1.1 wasn’t a slouch either. Shozy started to rise with the Zero, Hibiki was fantastic, Neo BG5 was a class apart and now […]

Aural definition Pro 5 : Serious Sam

INTRO:- Aural Definition is a new entrant in this ever growing audiophile market. They are based in the Philippines and are up with a healthy lineup of IEMs. They have a couple of BA based IEMs and a full array of EST based IEMs. Kyrios and Kyrios Pro have been hugging the limelight. All of […]

InEar StageDiver 5 In-Ear Monitor Earphones review

 One of the well known names in the audiophile world, InEar monitoring has a vast range of audio products under their belt. They have adaptive InEar monitoring systems for musicians and broadcasting purposes, linear hearing protection systems for musicians and lovers of music, selective hearing protection for professional applications and individual communication systems. They use […]

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