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Review: HiBy R6 III

HiBy’s third-generation mid-tier 6-series DAP is here. For $300 less than its predecessor, can the new R6 III maintain, or even improve its performance? Let’s find out.

Shanling M3X review: Cute and powerful

INTRODUCTION: I would like to believe that all of us are aware of Shnaling. They have been releasing products in a lot of catagories lately. They started with DAPs and now they are one of the best DAP makers in the market. They have ventured in to IEMs, BT and USB DAC/Amps. I have previously […]

Shanling M6 review : Worth every penny

 All of us are aware of Shanling, one of the most recognized Chinese DAP maker who have a variety of DAPs, starting with M0 for entry level users to the M6 pro for more demanding users who want most out of their music with all bells and whistles like streaming options, BT connectivity and balanced […]

dB MAGIX AC3-C Review – Prodigal Son

The AC3 is beautifully constructed and delivers an ear-pleasing sound. However, its high output impedance and fickle connectivity compromise versatility and convenience.

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