Deal Alert: Receive 20% off Kanto’s YU2 Desktop Speakers at Apos Audio!

After the discount bonanza of Black Friday, Apos returns with more deals on a wide range of products. This includes a 20% discount on the YU2 from Kanto Audio, who make some of our favourite powered speakers. The YU2 is their compact model perfect for PC setups and personal audio. They sport a clean, minimalist […]

Product Launch: Apos Audio Now Carrying Limited Run Turntable from Audio-Technica!

Apos Audio are proud to announce that they’ll be carrying the LP-2022 Turntable from Audio Technica. This is a limited-edition product celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary. The AT-LP2022 is a belt-driven turntable with a limited edition Shibata stylus and carbon-fibre tonearm. Only 1000 units will be produced, 20 of which will be available to Apos […]