Periodic Audio C & Be Review – Contrast

The prowess of Periodic’s in-house developed dynamic drivers is showcased first and foremost by the Be and C whose straight-forward design and resolving sounds will appeal to audiophiles and consumers alike.

Save on Noble & Campfire Audio Monitors with B-Stock Sales!

We’ve reviewed our fair share of Noble and Campfire Audio products here on THL and you’ll know that we’re big fans of their work. Save on select models with their current B-stock sales where you can find some of their most renowned models such as the Katana and Andromeda at a substantial discount. Both companies […]

Campfire Audio Solaris Review – The Unstoppable Force

Pros –  Massive soundstage, Massively revealing of micro-detail, Class-leading build quality Cons –  Huge housings, Sculpted midrange sacrifices timbre for clarity Verdict – The Solaris sacrifices an accurate midrange timbre and inviting low-end warmth to achieve a sound that is simultaneously powerful, revealing and grand. Introduction – Campfire Audio have been hard at work in […]

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