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Dekoni launches their vegan pad aftermarket earpad for the Audeze LCD range of headphones, details inside!
A decade ago, the prospect of squeezing Audeze’s full range of technologies in a compact in-ear form factor would have passed as an appropriate April fool’s joke. The Euclid offers a balanced sound with excellent listenability, imaging and definition.
Apos Audio are providing winning deals across a huge range of acclaimed products, details inside!
Apos is offering winning deals on leading brands, details inside!
Apos Audio discounts Audeze’s flagship planar magnetic headphone. Grab a deal while stocks last!
Should you want for a comfortable open-back headphone with a hyper-detailed, achromatic sound, the LCD-5 deserves exclusive recommendation.
The D8000 Pro meticulously balances summit-fi technicality with an inviting, balanced and genre-flexible tonality that I haven’t yet heard in such equal measure.
Apos Audio is now offering the LCD-5 and will be including a free Apos Flow cable with every purchase, details inside!
Audeze launches a new planar flagship, and it’s a goodie!

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