GAudio Nair Review – Swiss Utility

If you’re looking for a neutral, accurate sound without a fatiguing top-end and value build and ergonomics, the Nair is certainly a strong investment.

NXEars Opera IEM Review

The Opera’s magic lies in its ability to bring every element together into a highly coherent, composed and effortless whole.

Craft Ears Four Review – Stasis

The Craft Four represents outstanding value and is best suited for those wanting a balanced, musical earphone with smooth, prominent vocals and airy highs.

Campfire Audio Polaris II Review

The new Polaris provides a fun sound, retaining a mostly natural vocal image and highs that possess newfound cleanliness and nuance.

A First Look: Audiofly AF140 MK2

A first look at Audiofly’s hybrid AF140 MK2 – one of the well-executed bass-emphasised signatures the entry level has ever seen.

Audiofly AF1120 In-ear Earphone Review

The AF1120 isn’t perfectly neutral and lacks the delicate frequency balanced of higher priced earphones, but it is an exceptional mix of components that work perfectly well with each other.