64Audio U6T Review – Vibrant, Vivacious

If you enjoy a gorgeous, organic tonality and don’t mind a slightly laid-back midrange, the U6t is an auditory delight and a fully formed high-end IEM experience.

Unique Melody MEST mkII : Get one ASAP

INTRODUCTION: There are a lot of Chi-fi brands in the market now and all of them trying get a foot hold in their respective price ranges. Most of these brands raised their heads recently. There are only a few Chi-fi brands which have been in the market for long. Unique Melody has been one of […]

NXEars Opera IEM Review

The Opera’s magic lies in its ability to bring every element together into a highly coherent, composed and effortless whole.

Craft Ears Four Review – Stasis

The Craft Four represents outstanding value and is best suited for those wanting a balanced, musical earphone with smooth, prominent vocals and airy highs.

Shozy CP Review – The Outlier

The CP introduces a highly natural and linear signature whilst retaining impressive technical ability and a very reasonable price tag.

Kalkul V1.1Review – For The Suburbinite

The v1.1 is a nice choice for commuters searching for a well isolating earphone with a warm, focused sound that doesn’t disperse in the presence of ambient noise.

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