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Effect Audio returns with two new additions to its Code Series of solid core cables. Can Code 24 and the limited edition Code 24C finally crack the code for high-gauge usability and performance?
Eletech’s Ode to Laura is more than just a flagship cable, it’s a love letter to all of us who share the passion for beautiful sound.
The second Parnassus Series flagship from boutique cable maker Eletech, can Sonnet of Adam reach the same uncompromising heights demanded by discerning buyers?
Following hot on the heels of its big brother Orpheus, can PW Audio’s First Times Shielding similarly find its way to the IEM cable summit?
Eletech’s Raphael is the latest edition to the company’s Virtues Series, raising the bar for what some would consider an ‘entry-level’ contender.
There are cables, and then there’s Orpheus. With a reputation that far precedes it, can the world’s most expensive cable live up to its own legend?

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