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With a focus on value-oriented performance, Campfire unleashes an entire series of ‘new’ IEMs that span the full range of the Portland company’s sonic arsenal.
Campfire Audio’s Chromatic Series IEMs are here, with the all-new Bonneville four-driver hybrid leading the line. Join me as I take a first look at this fascinating IEM, and set the scene for a more in-depth review in the coming weeks.
One of the most controversial IEM releases in recent memory, we get up close and personal with Campfire Audio’s unconventional flagship, Trifecta.
Those wanting balance steer clear, for the Orbit excels at what it set out to deliver; that being a rich, larger-than-life listening experience sans other superfluous features.
Campfire Audio unleashes their new flagships with huge redesigns head to toe!
Supermoon is the world’s first custom IEM with planar magnetic technology. Does Campfire Audio’s exciting new flagship CIEM justify the hype?
Have you ever thought about getting a custom in-ear monitor but backed out thinking it would be too difficult? Think again.
Astell & Kern teams up once again with Campfire Audio for an all-new TOTL IEM. Details inside!

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