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Eletech’s new School of Athens cables, Aristotle and Euclid, represent the boutique cable maker’s latest expression of extreme modern copper and silver cables.
Borrowing from The 1950s and current flagships, The 1960s Mk II represents the latest chapter in PW Audio’s mighty Century Series of high-end copper cables.
There are cables, and then there’s Orpheus. With a reputation that far precedes it, can the world’s most expensive cable live up to its own legend?
The Copper+ is a complex and well-realised take on a copper custom cable defined by an especially wide stage, immaculate background and robust, powerful bass.
Eletech’s Socrates is a gateway to vividness, clarity and thump without missing realism along the way.
Who knew when you plate something in Palladium magic happens?
Satin Audio have emphatically raised the bar for entry-level upgrade cables – proving you can get stellar hardware, build, presentation and sound without sacrificing value.
The EROS II creates a compelling experience through its highly resolving tone complemented by class-leading transparency and build.
Oriveti may not be known for cables but their new Affinity is one of the most ergonomic and sonically pleasing cables I’ve heard around their asking price.

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