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Boasting excellent dynamics, a spacious stage and smooth, clean treble, this isn’t just a cable for Kinera’s IEMs but a high-end design of similar esteem to any premium boutique cable.
Satin Audio prove that their designs deserve no less praise and attention than the big players, with the Hera impressing in all regards and making a notable and positive sonic impact.
Addicted to Audio welcomes world recognised Siltech and Crystal Cable!
Kinera launches a brand new high-end custom cable in collaboration with Effect Audio!
Nightjar Acoustics’ 4-wire Mira is as much a show of ambition as prowess; a cable with the crudeness of a young up-and-comer, but the stunning sonics of an industry veteran.
Eletech’s Aeneid is a specialist in ease: Clean, relaxed and effortlessly vast, letting the in-ear do all the talking.
The Copper+ is a complex and well-realised take on a copper custom cable defined by an especially wide stage, immaculate background and robust, powerful bass.
Whether in 4-wire or 8-wire form, Satin Audio’s Athena brings a distinct shade of meatiness, vividness and speed, with upticks in control and finesse the more wires you add into the mix.
Apos Audio launches their own line of hand-crafted headphone cables. Details inside!
PLUSSOUND’s Exo Palladium-Plated Hybrid delivers open, airy, free-flowing musicality for near-perfect matchability with any high-end IEM.

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