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Cayin is renowned for its tube amps and portable players. N3 Ultra is the company’s latest shot at combining the best of both in one affordable package.
HiBy’s latest DAP, R4, changes the entry-level landscape yet again, with software and hardware previously reserved for flagships. Does it cut any corners to get there? Let’s find out.
Following three years on from the original R8, the new HiBy R8 II once again redefines the concept of a flagship DAP.
HiBy Digital’s M300 is a new take on an ultraportable consumer DAP, aimed squarely at the connected consumer generation.
HiBy is yet again challenging the concept of what’s possible in the ‘budget’ segment with the new R3 II DAP and Yvain IEM.
Cayin has launched a new limited edition ultra-high-end DAP, N30LE, as part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations.
HiBy’s new R6 Pro II is a complete departure from its recent DAP releases, shaking things up in style, performance, and value.
HiBy’s third-generation mid-tier 6-series DAP is here. For $300 less than its predecessor, can the new R6 III maintain, or even improve its performance? Let’s find out.
RS2 is the newest (and smallest) member of HiBy’s Darwin family of R2R DAPs. Can this diminutive player measure up to the rest?

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