Penon Serial : Musicality to the forth

Intro: From being one of the prolific online seller in the world to a cable then IEM brand, Penon has ventured deep into the Audiophile market. They have been making good amount of IEMs for various type of consumers. They have single DD to multi BA and multi hybrid IEMs under their belt and the […]

A First Look: Empire Ears Odin

A first look at Empire Ears’ new, tri-brid flagship Odin: A paragon of invention and one of the most resolving, immense-sounding in-ears on the market today.

Rhapsodio Orla – Lush Libations

Rhapsodio’s Orla is neutral-natural done right. Meaty in tone, yet well-defined too, it’s the ideal value option for smooth, laidback listening.

ISN D10 review : Love of bass and different other things

With a lot of brands coming out into the IEM scene buyers have a lot of options these days and the budget to mid range price range is dominated by Chinese brands that provide excellent value for money. ISN audio made a wave with their H40 hybrid earphone, both buyers and consumers were impressed by […]

Flare Jet 3 review : Not just about the Bass..

Flare audio a British company that take pride in its tuning abilities and hearing protectors. They have an appropriate motto for their brand too “LONG LIVE EARS”. Anyone who has been paying attention can remember the Flare Pro IEMs and the new Flare Pro 2HD IEMs being their flag bearers and their most loved IEMs. […]