Effect Audio : Signature Series Review

INTRO: Effect Audio, a name we associate with quality and elegance has been really active in the audiophile market, launching high end IEMs and cables. But this time around, they are introducing a new set of cables with the Signature Series which consists of 3 cables. Introducing ARES S, CADMUS and EROS S. Last time […]

Effect Audio Axiom Review – All About Synergy

The Axiom is a serious, thought out product with a questionable pricing model. Its unique tuning and accomplished design mean it remains a competitive option if you already have a collection of cables on hand.

Effect Audio Ares II & II+ : Recommended

INTRO: If you are browsing this page you have encountered some good quality audio products and own a few IEMs at least. Most of us like to extract the best out of our headphones and earphones. To achieve this we look into a few options like ear tips, ear pads but one of the most […]

A First Look: Effect Audio Code 51

A first look at Effect Audio’s brand-new flagship Code 51 – a luxury by every definition, with the performance and metalware to match.

Effect Audio Janus Dynamic

A closer look at Effect Audio’s latest addition, Janus D with exotic palladium plating and an eight wire design.

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