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Eletech Ode To Laura Review – Zenith

Pros – Gorgeous two-tone design, Wide syngery, Beautifully textured vocals, Highly defined bass, Excellent three-dimensional imaging, Jet-black background Cons – Darker mid-treble won’t suit all pairings, Not as much sparkle and treble energy as many competitors Verdict – This isn’t a cable for treble-heads but if you enjoy a smooth yet articulate sound, you’d be […]

Eletech Socrates Review – Zesty

The Socrates showcases excellent refinement in its sound and design. It is not the most technical in Eletech’s line-up but finds wide synergy with its wide and dynamic presentation.

MMR Homunculus Review – Empowered

The Homunculus provides awesome contrast to the status quo, challenging the allure of familiarity with qualities the listener can grow to appreciate.