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Swiss-based Gaudio Labs has just unveiled its limited edition flagship IEM, Tödi. We take a closer look at the story behind this stylish newcomer.
For its 10th anniversary, Vision Ears has rolled the dice on an all-new flagship for its premium VE line…and it’s something very special indeed.
Crosszone’s CZ-1 is like no other headphone you’re likely to hear, featuring three drivers and unique spatial imaging that offers a whole new take on how we listen to music.
With a reputation for having the ‘world’s best treble’, Elysian Acoustic’s Annihilator has recently been revised to improve bass and stage performance too. Join us as we take a closer look at this exceptional flagship monitor.
Eletech’s Ode to Laura is more than just a flagship cable, it’s a love letter to all of us who share the passion for beautiful sound.
The Avant offers sensational bass performance and a vibrant, engaging and toe-tapping sound that still upholds excellent balance with a functional tuning switch on top.
One of the most controversial IEM releases in recent memory, we get up close and personal with Campfire Audio’s unconventional flagship, Trifecta.
HiBy’s Zeta is the company’s first attempt at a premium quality flagship tribrid IEM. Does it do enough to stand out in a crowd of popular competitors?
Following our first impressions of FiR Audio’s flagship, we explore what makes Xenon 6 one of the most remarkable – and controversial – IEMs in recent times.
With an oddball driver config and a big, boisterous sound, the Lime Ears Anima adds some much needed color to the flagship space without losing an inch of finesse along the way.

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