Grado RS-1x Review – Fortified

While Grado headphones have become more of a niche proposition, within this niche, they remain essentially unchallenged, and the RS-1x is the most Grado, Grado headphone yet.

Product Launch: Grado Brings their X-Drivers to the RS1 and RS2!

Grado recently refreshed their legendary line of SR headphones with their new 4th generation X-drivers. These re-tuned models were more balanced, more resolving and overall, listeners found them to be more pleasing than past models. Grado is delighted to present the new RS1x and RS2x which combines authentic wood cups with their 4th generation driver […]

Sivga Phoenix Review – The Charmer

Though its unique combination of qualities and thoughtful execution, the Phoenix is able to carve out a reasonably uncontested niche in the audio market for bass lovers who still value clear vocals and a spacious soundstage.

Grado SR60/80 Yaxi Pads Review – Nifty Fix

For an extra $10, the Yaxi pads offer an almost universal upgrade with a higher quality foam that’s softer, plusher and less scratchy, delivering a more balanced sound on top.

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