Product Launch: xDuoo MT-601 and MT-602 Class-A Headphone Amps

Following how on the heals of the new TA-10R, xDuoo are proud to announce the MT-601 and MT-602 are now available on Apos Audio. These are budget Class-A headphone amplifiers coming in at just $89.99 and $99.99 USD respectively. The MT-601 featuring one 6N11 tube producing 200mW (32ohms) of power while the MT-602 featuring 2 […]

Product Launch: Topping A50s Balanced Headphone Amplifier!

Topping has been hitting it out of the park with their latest releases that piggybacked on their very impressive NFCA amp modules that enable excellent measurable performance. Most impressively perhaps is that the company has transplanted this technology into their affordable offerings; we recently took a look at the entry-level L30 and found it to […]

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