Hidizs S9 Pro Review – Rarefied

Pros – Slender and lightweight design, Strong output power, Spacious stage, Great dynamics, Superbly linear bass and midrange Cons – Slightly brighter leaning treble won’t suit all, Rubbish included Type-C cable and no Lightning cable in the box, Could do with more fine volume control Verdict – The S9 Pro is versatile, nicely resolving and […]

Hidizs MS4 Review – Grande

Pros – Excellent build quality and cable, Engaging W-shaped tuning, Open high-end, Flexible connectivity Cons – Somewhat muddy bass, Brighter background can be polarising Verdict – Though not perfectly balanced and a touch muddy down low, the MS4 has a grand, open and engaging sound with great detail retrieval and glossy vocals. Introduction – Hidizs […]

Hidizs AP60 Digital Audio Player Review

Later into its life, and with numerous vital firmware updates, the AP60 has finally realised its potential as a stable, zippy and balanced sounding hyper-portable budget player.

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