A First Look: Empire Ears Odin

A first look at Empire Ears’ new, tri-brid flagship Odin: A paragon of invention and one of the most resolving, immense-sounding in-ears on the market today.

Penon ORB review : Engaging and lovely.

Just like some other Chinese stores penon had also jumped into the IEM market a few years ago but their recently launched ORB has been making plenty of waves in the audiophile market. After the success of the Sphere which was received well both critically and commercially they had to up the ante and added […]

BGVP DH3 review -Different from the Crowd

I have been working on a handful of earphones lately, BGVP has dominated my list of IEMs along with ISN at this point of time. BGVP has a whole lot of IEMs in most of the price brackets, starting at $30 going as high as $1499. BGVP is better known for their BA based earphones […]

Product Launch: NICEHCK NX7 MK3 7 Driver Hybrid IEM

If you’ve been watching audio Facebook groups or perhaps the discovery thread on Head-fi, you’ll likely have heard of NICEHCK. They are most known for their very value-orientated hybrid earphones with the NX7 being most widely covered. That model drew much interest for its low-cost adoption of generally advanced acoustic design. However, reviews were critical […]