Effect Audio Gaea Review : Simply Stunning!!

I Have been working with Effect Audio for a while. One of our friends switched from THL to Effect Audio and we have been working on most of their recent products. Axiom is an IEM I admired because of its stage size, musicality and smoothness. It was a pleasure reviewing the Signature series of cables. […]

Tripowin Rhombus Review : An Excellent First Upgrade

INTRO: There are a lot of brands in the market with plenty on offer and still this market is seeing new players fighting to make their presence felt and Tripowin is one of those brands. They are fairly new to this scene and not only have good quality IEMs but a few of their IEMs […]

Fiio FH9 review : Very capable with Minor hiccups

Fiio has been a major player in the DAP market for a while, recently they launched the power house named M19, their flagship DAP with desktop level power. Along with daps, Fiio has been more active in another segment too, IEMs. They have been coming out with some of the most capable IEMs in their […]

Campfire Audio Mammoth Review : Well rounded

INTRODUCTION: Campfire audio, enough for an introduction to the article. This brand needs no introduction. they have been one of the most dominant IEM brands and their Solaris and Andromeda are regarded as some of the best IEMs one can but in their respective price bracket. Campfire Audio has been busy lately. They came up […]

Kinera Norn : Looks beautiful, sounds okay

INTRODUCTION: Kinera, one the most prominent Chi-fi brands in the market has been making some excellent IEMs lately. They have been making plenty of waves. I hadn’t been able to get my hands on Kinera IEMs but thanks to a good friend of mine took me in his review tour. The Norn I am reviewing […]

Nostalgia Audio Benbulbin Review – Origin Story

With its exceptionally solid fit, class-leading cable and balanced sound that doesn’t sacrifice bass extension and power, Nostalgia Audio have created one of the most versatile IEMs in its price class.