Meze Rai Penta Review – Metallurgic Magic

The Rai Penta doesn’t awe the listener like most high-end IEMs, but gently eases them into a natural yet resolving sound that continues to reveal new details after hours and hours.

Campfire Audio Solaris Review – The Unstoppable Force

Pros –  Massive soundstage, Massively revealing of micro-detail, Class-leading build quality Cons –  Huge housings, Sculpted midrange sacrifices timbre for clarity Verdict – The Solaris sacrifices an accurate midrange timbre and inviting low-end warmth to achieve a sound that is simultaneously powerful, revealing and grand. Introduction – Campfire Audio have been hard at work in […]

Stereopravda SB-7 Review – Under Pressure

Though unorthodox in ergonomics and construction, the SB-7 has top-level resolution and micro-detail that enable it to retain perfect composure on the most demanding tracks.

Acoustune HS1503AL Review – Stalwart

Those wanting an earphone with top-class build quality, excellent resolving power and a hyper-revealing signature will find they probably won’t need to look higher than the HS1503AL.

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