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Review: Celeste Gumiho

The Celeste Gumiho is a new budget planar-magnetic IEM in the market. But this time, it comes equipped with an extra BA. Kevin shares his honest thoughts.

Kinera Skuld Review – New Leaf

The Skuld is an intersection between IEM design and art, a combination of great tuning and good technical ability that delivers one of the most coherent and layered presentations I’ve heard.

Kinera Norn : Looks beautiful, sounds okay

INTRODUCTION: Kinera, one the most prominent Chi-fi brands in the market has been making some excellent IEMs lately. They have been making plenty of waves. I hadn’t been able to get my hands on Kinera IEMs but thanks to a good friend of mine took me in his review tour. The Norn I am reviewing […]

Kinera Freya Review – Metamorphosis

If you’re looking for powerful vocals complemented by a light and atmospheric presentation, the Freya is a beautiful and nicely refined example.

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