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The Celest Relentless is an affordable IEM sporting high-end specs. All info inside!
Boasting excellent dynamics, a spacious stage and smooth, clean treble, this isn’t just a cable for Kinera’s IEMs but a high-end design of similar esteem to any premium boutique cable.
The Celeste Gumiho is a new budget planar-magnetic IEM in the market. But this time, it comes equipped with an extra BA. Kevin shares his honest thoughts.
Kinera launches a brand new high-end custom cable in collaboration with Effect Audio!
Kinera revamps their popular IDUN! Details inside!
The Skuld is an intersection between IEM design and art, a combination of great tuning and good technical ability that delivers one of the most coherent and layered presentations I’ve heard.
Kinera announces a new midrange all-BA model targeting a smooth, musical sound. Details inside!
Kinera updates their famous flagship Odin with revision inside and out!

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